LOGIC was established in 1962 with a single primary objective: "To research, design, develop, produce and sell industrial and aerospace equipment in Italy and abroad".
The company, initially located in Milan, dedicated all its resources to on-board equipment and instrumentation for airplanes and helicopters - mainly for the domestic market but with an eye to penetrating foreign markets, too.
It was company policy from the very beginning to focus on the customer's needs and  ensure they were provided products and services tailored to meet their specific requirements.
Logic is characterized by a high degree of flexibility at all levels and the timely availability of the best possible products.
LOGIC plays an important role in its field.
Since 2004 LOGIC is located in the east of Milan in facilities covering an area exceeding 7,000 sq.mts. The company enjoys the benefits of spacious, modern facilities and a state-of-the-art Production Department.